​​​meet the horses


I bought Justice in Billings Montana in 2013, He had been 1/2 of a team that pulled carriages and wagons, manure spreader, and plows for the Amish in Pennsylvania, so he is very experienced, and well trained.

Justice was 12 when I bought him, and he adapted to his new life in Alaska very well, He is all business. He reminds me of a reliable farm tractor, steady and sturdy. Because he is so steady and sturdy he is the horse that I usually pair with the newest/inexperienced rider.

He has never bucked or kicked , and he is very willing to do what ever you ask. He has no bad habits, and I have never heard any complaints about him, everybody loves him.



I found Liberty on a farm in Palmer Alaska. She was 5 when I brought her home in 2012. She knew how to turn ,stop, and go, but not much else. Never seen a horse trailer, and was afraid of bridges, creeks, moose, old derelict cars in the woods, and muskeg. She had never left the farm, and she only knew her mother and sisters, the folks I bought her from raised her from a baby, fed her lots of apples and treats and brushed her a lot so she is very sweet and compliant. If fact we don't use a bit with her, just a halter.

Liberty and I have spent many hours together, exploring the wilderness, and over the years as my personal horse, she has really developed into a perfect Alaska woods horse. The old cowboy saying "wet saddle blankets make good horses" is true because she is well seasoned and very experienced now. She loves to go on rides with the 4-H kids to the head of Kachemak bay, caribou hills, or racing a fast horse down on the beach at low tide.

She has never bucked or kicked anybody, and is just a sweetheart doing anything you ask. She has successfully given hundreds of rides, and everybody loves her. Her only bad habit is that she thinks the reason we are going on a ride is for her benefit to sample all the salad greens along the trail.