Percherons stay warm in the cold, and dry in the rain. See how the rain rolls right off.

Humans and horse have had a relationship for thousands of years. For most of that time 2 traits have been exploited valued and chased by breeders all over the planet. These are speed and endurance. From the Nez Peirce and the Appaloosa,the American Quarter Horse, to the famed Arabian everybody wants a faster horse. So for 5,000 years we humans have been breeding the fastest horses to the fastest horses. Their feet and ankles got smaller,this enables the smaller feet move faster, their nostrils widened, the windpipe and lungs grew to feed more oxygen, and their adrenal glands grew bigger and this makes them more ready to fly and run fast. These horses are classified as hot blooded. They are magical and beautiful, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure of watching one run flat out, or for goodness sake has ridden one, cannot deny their value for those purposes.

While the traits of speed and hot blood are good for racing wide out, in my humble opinion they are not as suitable for pulling a cannon on the battle field, pulling logs in the woods, or taking a novice rider in the woods in Alaska. If spruce chickens all spring up under a hot blooded race horse, a novice rider may not be able to keep their seat as the horse teleports into the next county before their brain engages. Liberty and Justice the 2 horses you will be riding are very experienced at their job, cold blooded Percherons.

The Percheron breed was developed in France centuries ago, they also have a little bit of Arabian blood in the woodpile, but they are a product of many generations that value a calm temperament. This calm temperament is what makes them perfect for the job of safely transporting you in the wilderness of Alaska. They are also big tall animals.18 hands tall and almost 2000 lbs.

One client said Riding liberty is like a cross between a dragon, and elephant, and a golden retriever.